Dell F5136 Battery
Price: £115.00 £59.99
This is a New Dell Original Product Li-Ion Notebook Battery.

Dell Battery For Inspiron 640m/E1405
Price: £165.00 £79.92
This is a 9 Cell 85WH Smart Lithium-Ion Dell Battery.

Compatible ...
Dell 312-0326 Lithium-Ion Battery
Price: £99.00 £59.92
This is a Dell Li-Ion Original Battery.

Compatible Notebook ...
Generic 6500712 High Capacity Li-ion Battery for Solo 400 Series
Price: £150.00
This is a Replacement battery for Gateway

Going on a trip and need extra ...
Dell Battery for Inspiron 700m and 710m
Price: £115.00 £59.99
This is a Brand New Dell Original Lithium-Ion Notebook Battery.